Human Energy Official Trailer 1 Among us, there are people who are fighting with big corporations in a different way. Moving in the energy business, they’re trying to stop climate change. This is their story. – see more below- Human Energy will be the first movie about renewable energy cooperatives in Europe. For years, the energy sector has been dominated by international corporations. Why do we allow others control the most important things to us, and give them the power to impose conditions – dictate prices or turn off the delivery tap? Independence is never convenient to large corporations. Since the nineties in the present European Union countries, the dependence on imports of fossil fuels has increased on average by 20% (Eurostat). In 2015 over half (54%) of the consumed energy came from imports. Large corporations are offered different forms of support such as tax exemption and subsidies. While financial support for new technologies in many countries is insufficient. However, there are people who do not want to wait for politicians to solve their problems. They do not want to feel powerless and they found a way to make a change together. They see that humanity is responsible for the climate change and they took actions to prevent a catastrophe… but in a different way.


Vídeo plantação de árvores no Projeto Cabeço Santo

Recuperação ecológica do Cabeço Santo

No passado sábado, dia 6, realizou-se mais uma fantástica ação de voluntariado no Projeto Cabeço Santo, em Belazaima do Chão, Águeda.
Esta jornada marcou o início das plantações de inverno e de um ano repleto de desafios e novas parcerias. Para celebrar a ocasião, a Quercus ACN com o a recolha de imagens do núcleo de Aveiro disponibilizou este vídeo na plataforma VIMEO.
Mais de trinta voluntários plantaram duas centenas de árvores autóctones e efetuaram o corte de rebentação de eucaliptos e o arranque de acácias.

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