Brave New World



“In October 2011, I left for a long journey towards West. A strong voice summoned me to discover the emerging brave new world in North America. I started my journey in San Francisco and for the next 14 months I traveled to many places in the US. To places where I sensed the new was being born, where the people were committed to healing themselves, their communities and the Earth. I witnessed many inspiring ideas, actions, initiatives, communities, prayers and ceremonies. I interviewed visionaries and spiritual leaders, activists and artists, farmers and social entrepreneurs and asked them the same questions:
What do you see happening in the world today?
How can we consciously participate in this paradigm shift?

This journey happened in complete gift economy which means I offered my witnessing, my writings, photos and videos as a gift to make visible this brave new world that is emerging before our eyes, so fresh, so beautiful, so exciting! In return people contributed to my journey by gifting me money, accommodation, food, transportation, workshops, retreats, their witnessing and appreciation. It’s been a magical journey and I am deeply, deeply grateful to life and everyone and everything that made it happen.

Take my word. Brave new world is here. Live it NOW.”


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