Be my eyes

I want to believe that every one of us can make a difference directly on someone else people’s life’s.
There’s many tools and techniques available, one step closer to a new age for all us living beings in this Universe.
As our good friend Charles Eisenstein, we are here at service of our fellow human beings and our loved Mother Nature.

“Technically speaking, BeMyEyes is not a social network. That said, it
provides one of the most intimate interactions you’ll ever have with
another person via technology. Designed to help blind people to solve
everyday problems, the iPhone app connects the vision-impaired with
fully-sighted users via video chat. Users can then point their iPhone’s
camera to show their remote helpers the situation at hand — a door sign, an
expiration date, a piece of mail. The sighted person lends their eyes to
help the blind user solve their problem. It’s that simple, but it’s also
that amazing.”



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