Future Impossible – The Story of Light

t takes a visionary to foresee that a sunbeam could carry sound. It takes incredible minds and pioneering foresight to make real, the unimaginable.

Journey around the globe through time and space to hear from the scientists who transform theories into technologies, the people that harnessed light to shape our modern world and those who are reforming it for an imagined future.

About the Future Impossible series:

We spend time with Nobel Laureates, semi-retired German eccentrics and impassioned geeks who take us deep into the interiors of Bell Labs. They reveal the journeys they’re on to solve some of the hardest challenges we’ve probably never even thought of. Enlightening us as to who Claude Shannon is, guiding us through our wireless world and explaining how copper was saved from the scrapheap to give birth to the Internet.

Meet the characters who commit their lives to grappling with messy, chaotic problems and hopeless challenges. The people who then emerge with a thought, an equation, or perhaps an invention that changes everything, even if we don’t know it.”


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