The Vaccine Trials – Documentary Film 2021

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The vaccine is not technically licensed as the clinical trials will not
be completed until 2023, yet the vaccine promotion campaign is rampant

The government, corporations, and celebrities are on an orchestrated
campaign to sell us the vaccine, but on what basis are they promoting

In this film we will look at how Covid-19 vaccine managed to make it
into peoples veins in such a record time, how trials work, and should we
just take the vaccine manufactures word of its safety and efficacy.

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Quest for the Invisibles

Researcher and writer Nik Hayes joins Jay Weidner to both discuss his book Quest for the Invisible but also to reveal his newest research. Nik is carrying on the work of James Trevor Constable and Wilhelm Reich. His book gives instructions on to alter a camera to image infra red and ultra violet. using these techniques Nik has photographed the some of the many invisible creatures that exist around.​.uk